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If the global pandemic of 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that the comprehensive digitization of supply chains is inevitable. America 2.0 is emerging as an Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Blockchain, and all-around innovation driven genesis fully capable of transforming the necessary sectors with protocols, adaptive interfaces, and restructured operational procedures set in place as proactive continuity plans.

All this continually leaving us with the question, what do the leading company’s supply chains look like today?

Many notable Fortune 50 companies are moving more towards proprietary no-touch supply chain management models as a way to tap into the artificial and augmented intelligence platforms leading the way to end-to-end optimization. This integration leads to heightened visibility, transparency, and organized oversight, allowing for more time to be spent on growing the business.

Does Your Infrastructure Plan Meet Your Strategic Roadmap?

Mission critical to your supply chain roadmap is the current infrastructure you have built and are utilizing in an operational capacity.

  • Will it satisfy the needs moving forward?

  • Does your infrastructure currently have the bandwidth necessary to shoulder new innovative adoptions?

  • Does a strategic infrastructure even exist in your company?

  • Should you make adjustments with anticipatory insight?

These are questions you should be comfortable asking yourself before diving into the world of no-touch managed supply chains.

While supply chain evolution is inevitable, the need for foundational support before implementation is even more important. For instance,…

Is your company:

  • Wasting time with inefficient movement of shipments?

  • Lacking direct access to a wide-reaching network?

  • Missing business growth opportunities?

  • Experiencing a struggle with volatile market conditions?

  • Having issues with government regulations and updates?

  • Frustrated with complicated technological integrations and visibility issues?

  • Experiencing delays, fines, and penalties at Customs?

Properly assessing your current framework and infrastructure prior to supply chain optimization via technology is essential to the successful integration and continued success of your entire operation.

A complete overhaul may be overdue, at best. However, the beauty of supply chain innovation is the ease with which adhesion occurs – especially when dealing with a no-touch model like CLN offers through a new proprietary platform.

We understand complete end-to-end renovation can be a daunting task to undertake. This is exactly why we are offering free consultations, walk-throughs, and demos to help mitigate the risk associated with signing off on what may be the unknown to some.

Managed Service Provider

Picture an air traffic control tower, with a bird’s eye view and full transparency over all facets of your supply chain. All pieces of the complex puzzle completely taken care of for you and your business.

This is what CLN’s managed platform accomplishes on a comprehensive scale. From financials, to Customs, to documentation, to quoting, to carrier sourcing, to full shipment oversight.


Essentially co-managed.

Companies like Nestle, Boeing, and Shutterfly have all migrated to our platform and are currently enjoying the hands-off benefits of a completely managed service provider.

CLN combines a fully-integrated international transportation management solution, with industry leading talent, and a global infrastructure. The result is a platform that our customers leverage to move their products around the world effortlessly.

Most companies transporting internationally spend countless resources coordinating shipments, tracking orders, and solving Customs and regulatory issues. At CLN Worldwide, our management service coordinates the entire supply chain and solves transportation and regulatory challenges. We allow you to focus on your business.

“CLN has been handling all of our global logistics since 2004. They have helped us ship cranes from every corner of the globe; from Brazil to Dubai. CLN has made a complex process much simpler for us.”

-Patrick Stafford, Stafford Crane Group

Tracking Capabilities and the Future of Your Supply Chain

Imagine the future of your supply chain with complete visibility and enhanced tracking capabilities, all from the convenience of a mobile dashboard.

To fully design a supply chain fit for decades to come, a certain set of adaptable rules and/or procedures must be set in place first.

  • Widespread adoption of innovative technologies

  • Adaptability

  • Full resource lists with backups included

  • Migration

  • Foresight into changing markets and consumer demands

  • International trade regulations

2020 has presented forward thinking supply chain leaders with a scalable opportunity to not only advance their entire logistics departments, but to be pioneers in the process, thus positioning them in an enviable light with current and predictive returns.

While the future of the wild world of international trade is still a bit unknown, those who choose to be proactive will be best fit for massive scalability.


What do the leading company’s supply chains look like today? And why have many notable Fortune 50 companies migrated more towards a no-touch model?

We would love to show you. Schedule a call with us today for a complete walkthrough and demo of our Proprietary Logistics Management Platform.

Our solution provides a central control tower for supply chain and logistics activities.

One source to manage the transport, customs, compliance, financial, and fulfillment requirements.

This is a “no touch” solution that involves little to no involvement from the client.

In the end, the products are delivered faster, the material is sourced more quickly, the operation is more efficient, and the supply chain is more aligned with the customer’s value proposition.

CLN Worldwide

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