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Call it an unfair blanket statement if you want, but 2020 has been full of indiscernible and unwarranted roadblocks causing bottlenecks and infrastructure challenges throughout supply chains on an international level.

Between trade negotiations, pandemics, counterfeiting, and travel restrictions, the logistics and supply chain industries have had their fair share of work cut out for them this year.

Aside from a solid operational continuity plan, how can you optimize your supply chain moving forward to receive maximum efficiency?

Simple. With continual updated flexibility available through proprietary management systems.

This may seem complex, but for the end user (you) simplicity is the platform’s forte. Foresight and adaptability will be the factors needed to not only survive the disruptions moving forward, but to increase revenue simultaneously.

Time for a Supply Chain Upgrade

The many moving parts of an international supply chain make management and streamlined efficiency tricky at times. As the world adapts to a “new normal”, your supply chain should be no different.

Having a solid “Plan A and Plan B” are no longer enough. Might we suggest having an irrefutable “Plan C and Plan D” as a way to further guarantee seamless activity. Maintain relationships with multiple suppliers, carriers, agents, and manufacturers.

But what about innovation? Is there a place amidst the chaos where integrating automation and digital platforms can be a natural progression to managing your supply chain?

We certainly think so.

Enter CLN’s Proprietary Logistics Management Platform.

The No-Touch Model that top fortune 50 companies have decisively moved to for improved transportation and logistics performance. This type of managed platform removes the guess work and aggregates all information needed into one simplified dashboard.

Think of it as a control tower managing all of the nuanced pieces for you in a systematic and repeatable manner. With this comprehensive approach, companies of all sizes are able to assemble an entire international logistics team in days while modernizing their supply chain with our proprietary approach.

How Does it Work?

CLN’s Proprietary Logistics Management Platform is the modernized and innovative piece capturing all data and transactions between supplier and customer.

Within this program is the aforementioned No-Touch logistics model consisting of the following pieces:

1. Carrier Procurement and Transportation Management

  1. Carrier Selection

  2. Route Optimization and Selection

  3. Load Planning

  4. Out-of-Gauge Cargo

  5. Coordination

  6. Visibility

  7. Temperature Sensitive

  8. Hazardous Materials Including Radioactives

  9. Time Sensitive

2. Customs Management and Documentation Services

a. ISF Filing

b. Customs Clearance

c. Duty Analysis

d. Tax Deferral

e. IT/IE/T&E (Form 7512) preparation and arrangement

f. Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) entry & release

g. Carnet & Temporary import in-bond clearance

h. FDA/USDA & Other government agencies clearance & release

i. Legalization Documents

j. Letters of Credit

3. Compliance and Regulatory Management

a. Sourcing and Procurement Guidance

b. Import Permitting and Exemptions with other governmental agencies (OGA)

c. USDA, EPA, FCC Filings and Compliance

d. Legal Review of Customs related issues

e. International Tax and Advisory Services

f. Importer of Record strategies

g. Third-Party Sale Strategies

4. Warehousing and Fulfillment Services

a. Warehousing

b. Storage

c. Fulfillment

d. Customer EDI or Supply Chain Integration

e. Warehouse Management Software

f. Inventory Visibility


At CLN Worldwide we know you are the kind of person who wants to scale your business with a simplified supply chain. In order to do this, and get time back in your day, you need a customized logistics strategy.

The problem is governing regulations, the economy, and environmental issues aren’t always clear, which makes you feel overwhelmed and unorganized.

We believe your business’s lack of supply chain optimization could lead to stagnant growth and a decline in potential profits. We understand that supply chains and logistics management can be a complex and daunting task to undertake. That’s why we developed an innovative no-touch model with fluid strategies and customized services that removes the nuanced guess work and solves your logistics clogs.

Here’s how it works. You schedule a call with us, we will analyze the current market you’re navigating, and then create an effective supply chain strategy that we will then integrate and execute together.

Call us today, so you can stop wasting your time with regulatory delays and start trusting the efficiency of your supply chain to scale your business.

CLN Worldwide

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