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Do you know the FINAL expense of that crane?

There is more to the price of a product than just the amount on the invoice. Many factors contribute to the final cost of the item.

Time to Manage Process: There is no argument – time is money. And the time of your team affects the bottom line of your organization. Shipments that are poorly organized require additional time and input for all parties involved. Additional time can be lost while trying to obtain correct documentation, chasing information related to the status of shipments or in trying to identify the responsible parties for a particular function in the logistics process. We have all experienced this frustration however we rarely account for the costs of these wasteful activities.

Choice of Carriers: Not all carriers are created equal. Some carriers have faster transit times than others. Some carriers have direct sailings while other carriers transship through a hub and spoke system. Some carriers are consistent and reliable while others are consistently unreliable. The price for the ocean freight may not be the cost of the transportation. When cargo is delayed it affects a business’ ability to meet deadlines and customer expectations. These consequences have real and measurable costs but again are often not considered when evaluating your logistics operation.

Risks: You don’t know what you don’t know. In a typical international shipment there are 10-12 different entities involved with the handling and processing of the specific transaction. Each one of these entities presents a potential gap in the supply chain. This gap, or set of risks, can be in the form of misinformation, varying limits of liability, and differing degrees of technical expertise. Do you know who you are working with? Do you know who they are working with?

A trusted and thoroughly vetted logistics partner will help your organization identify and mitigate these unspecified costs. This allows your organization to focus fully on your business at hand.

For more information on these and other considerations, contact Cami Meador, CLN at: 704.526.9301. Cami will also be onsite at ConExpo 2017.

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