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Crane projects are time critical, and late deliveries risk penalties and lost customers. Each leg of the process presents a decision to be made – and a consequence.

Manufacturing Lead Time: Suppliers are rarely ahead in growing markets. It’s important to initiate the conversation with the manufacturer early in the process. It’s even more important to fully understand their ability to produce on time and what scenarios may prevent them from doing so.

Multi-Modal Consideration: The relative location of your manufacturer and your jobsite to the ports presents both rail and trucking options. There is a trade-off between each of these in terms of cost, transit time, and predictability.

Direct vs. Transhipment: There will likely be both direct and transshipment vessel offerings from your manufacturer. Transshipment sailings are often less expensive, but with higher probabilities of delay and mishandling. The timing of the project and the availability of the equipment may dictate one versus the other.

Insurance: Confirming that the product is in fact insured during transit is the first step. However, perhaps more important, is the plan for replacement in the event of damage on arrival. It’s not uncommon for damage to a single piece to delay the entire installation. Planning with the manufacturer in advance to replace a damage component mitigates this risk.

Working through these considerations with your strategic logistics provider in advance will reduce late arrivals, avoid penalties, and enhance customer satisfaction.

For more information on these and other considerations, contact Cami Meador, CLN at: 704.526.9301.

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