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Ridesharing apps and other electronically summoned Transportation Network Company’s (TNC) have been dabbling in the logistics and freight transport industry as of late. While the domestic expansion is not necessarily breaking news, an international addition and global reach would be.

Uber Freight is currently in the tongue-and-cheek phase of introducing their international business model. While Uber is already an international company, their freight sector remains solely tied to the United States.

“Our Freight aspirations [are on a global scale]. We have a dedicated team looking into viable international markets for Uber Freight and where we go beyond the U.S. in the future.” [Uber stated in their announcement of new hire, Andrew Smith who will be overseeing Uber Freight Global Sales]

The recent recruitment of two high profile hires for Uber Freight shines a proverbial light on the intentions to scale the app in more ways than increased user friendliness. Two words – Global Accessibility. Uber does not release employee reports, however has made public their intent to double their current staff over the course of 2019.

Uber will not be the global freight ground breaker in international expansion for TNC logistics. Ontruck, a startup originating in Spain, has already expanded into France and the United Kingdom, while French Everoad presently spans across 27 different countries. Uber does however have international experience, brand recognition, and regulatory relationships in place, all thanks to their seasoned rideshare app, currently active in 69 countries.

Uber Freight’s business model takes into consideration certain amenities for truck drivers not often realized by other sectors within the market. Uber continues to develop app features that warrant both attention and appreciation from the users. Conveniences like current load wait times, parking accessibilities, bathroom locations, etc. are literally driving Uber Freight’s user experience. These small nuances are seemingly more relevant than one would otherwise assume.

As the logistics industry continues to evolve into a more digitized platform

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