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Being a middle market or emerging growth company requires a dependable logistics partner to streamline your supply chain and to manage the end-to-end. Who can you trust to essentially eliminate the need for in-house departmental overhead?

Every supply chain is different, down to each individual shipment. A day-in-day-out predictive model simply cannot be duplicated in this industry. Partnering with a knowledgeable freight forwarder connected to a global network is essential to consistent business development.

When searching for a global logistics provider, be sure to comprehensively assess the following company characteristics.

  1. Experience: Working with a company who has years of industry experience is not only a viable plus, but completely necessary. The nuances and intricacies involved in wide-ranging supply chain management far succeed that of a rookie business.

  2. Inquire about contracts and network: Even more important than a seasoned international freight forwarder, is one who has a vast global network.

  3. What are the services offered? Do they have exactly what you need: Carefully explore their website and any relevant social platforms to initially answer any questions you may have. View their listed services. Is what you need an option?

  4. Check references / reviews: There is extreme validity in “Googling” a business. See what other clients and customers have to say. This will give direct insight into overall business reputation.

  5. Customer service / responsiveness: Call the business. How do they respond to you on the phone? Now email them. Are they responsive? This is especially important to find out beforehand. You need to know that your freight forwarder will quickly respond to you should any issues or questions arise during the transport process.

Understanding the expansive approach to properly vetting an international freight forwarder could mean the difference between lost freight and cargo delivered in a predetermined timely manner. The preferred conclusion is obvious. Due diligence is always necessary.

Take your time with this process, it could be the beginning of a successful and lasting business relationship. If you have any questions about your current supply chain procedural management, or the efficiency of a well-rounded international freight forwarder, reach out to us below.

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