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Acquiring master distributor capabilities in the U.S without the infrastructure investment through an international transportation management partnership is the quintessential relationship set for optimization and streamlined efficiency.

What makes a company stand out, branded as the best, and selected from the masses? Numerous variants, all of which differentiate across industries. Partnering with transportation experts who have access to manage multi-functional areas of the industry, who possess a viable and expansive network, can navigate compliance and regulatory agencies, and provide customizable solutions with heightened visibility will add unmatched valuation to your business and the forecasted scalability integral to the growth of your company.

While some may argue the validity of selectively grouping and ranking achievements on specifics, there are valuable points to be made regarding the comparison of the following seven points with overall international freight forwarding and transportation management success. These can be classified as a general synopsis of the tools necessary to succeed as a solutions provider on a global scale.

Access to Manage Multi-Functional Areas of the Industry

“Access” could potentially be directed solely toward networking and company networks as a whole. This is a vital part. One we will touch on next, however, in this instance, access pertains to the ability to manage complexities that are not always foreseen in the transportation of cargo.

Solutions driven expertise in the logistics industry is an underrated necessity. The nuanced complexities that come with transportation management and supply chain optimization in general can exceed far past the scope of general service offerings.

Ensure that your partnered transportation experts are outside-of-the-box thinkers. The solution to your logistical problem is not always set by precedence.


In order to be ranked as one of the best international freight forwarders, checking the extent of a logistics provider’s network is essential. Without proper connections and networking ability, your freight stalls.

Network analysis, in this sense, transcends far beyond typical segmented carrier performance and procedural flow within your supply chain. In essence, transparent network availability can make or break an international freight forwarding business.

Does your logistics partner have an optimized network? Can they access all corners of the globe with a single phone call? Efficiently speaking, this should be a prerequisite to doing international business.


Insurance simply helps people sleep at night. Knowing that you are covered if something goes wrong with your shipment puts one at ease. Knowing that the freight forwarder has insurance also denotes trustworthiness and confirms proper business precautions.

CLN Worldwide Case Study: A company was in the process of transporting a brand-new crane to a predetermined construction site. The structure was loaded onto a truck and released without a comprehensive check. The truck traveled under a bridge sitting lower than current dimensions, completely destroying the control panel of the crane.

Without comprehensive insurance, this million-dollar crane would have been out an additional $10,000 due to the destruction of the central control unit. While $10,000 may seem like a drop in the bucket compared to the total price of the crane, the peace of mind that comes from insurance coverage when the longevity of a project weighs in the balance, is priceless.

Multi-Functional Groups

Having groups within a company composed of cross-functional team members with the ability to work as one problem solver is critical. Multi-functional groups work together to engineer the logistical movement of freight, both efficiently and effectively.

Partnering with professionals with expertise in wide-ranging areas to help navigate industry nuances and mitigate risks is a vital asset to acquire. Ensure that your transportation management team can help in areas of distribution, U.S. Customs, and regulatory agencies through compliance issues.

Regulatory and Compliance

Per “Organizations that participate in international trade fall under the oversight of countless governmental entities. Each of these have in-depth requirements for companies that are either importing or exporting products and material.”

Governing Agencies:

· U.S. Customs

· The Department Commerce

· U.S. Treasury




Other notable companies within specific industries may be subject to additional regulations to which they must observe. Those industries include:

· Defense

· Aviation

· Bio-Pharma

· Foods

Supply Chain Management

The ability to control complex global supply chains for multiple companies on all levels in an organized and functioning manner yields exceptional regards to professionalism in the international freight forwarding industry.

This ‘juggling act’ takes dedication, consistent training, and passion. Coordinating a company’s supply chain can make or break their budget. Trusting that your logistics partner is efficiently moving your product is imperative.

We dove a bit deeper into the ‘logistics of logistics’, if you will, in a recent post outlining the correlation between a collaborative supply chain and increased business valuation. Restricting collaborative capacity to your employees alone will stifle overall potential that could otherwise be optimized on a comprehensive level.

When a business has the ability to expand creative reach across their entire supply chain by utilizing an outreach approach to maximize cognitive volume, complete valuation can be achieved.

Information Systems

Information systems, by definition, suggest top priority. If your freight forwarder does not have an organized process in place to collect, store, and communicate pertinent information, then unwarranted situations and circumstances can happen. Stalled shipments, lost shipments, fees, and non-compliance infractions can occur.

Visibility platforms with the accessibility of real-time status of your orders for both you and your customer can play a vital role in the efficiency of your supply chain. Having direct access through a transportation management’s dashboard will also gain you direct insights into contents by container and transportation costs on a comprehensive scale.


Our top 7 list is a broad outline of what makes the best international freight forwarders. There are an abundance of technicalities and variants that also go in to successfully forwarding freight and cargo on a global scale.

Make sure your logistics partner in charge of driving your supply chain is fully equipped for the job. If you have any questions or concerns involving the proficiency and movement of your shipments, you can contact us HERE.

CLN’s focus is not on an individual product group or service offering but rather a comprehensive approach to effectively managing and optimizing your supply chain.


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