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2019 Edition.

The ecosystem evolution within the supply chain is not only inevitable, but imperative. Conversely, optimization through collaborative efforts focused on industry leaders has recently introduced itself as the primary topic of communication within principal sectors of healthcare.

What does this mean for the future? Impending process implementations for starters. Aside from the obvious, the below reflect predictive behaviors to be expected in response to market factors, automation, and technological advancements.

  1. Tariff Increases: the rise of duty rates will be a continuous concern and potential problem for subsidiaries, industry wide. Re-structured manufacturing strategies and a re-visit to import origins on a global scale will be necessary.

  2. Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI): AI has the capabilities to fill the inevitable void between information given and information properly optimized. Taking machine learning to the next level by appropriately analyzing data between connected and joint medical equipment and devices alike.

  3. Freight, On-Demand: Innovative platforms take center stage for increased productivity with decreased output, thus producing increased profitability with lower overhead. On-demand freight could turn LTL carriers into a “per shipment” orchestration, moving the predominance from a salaried, full-time employee, which could potentially effect delivery speed.

The impending need for a transparent supply chain is essential to a successful business with year over year (YoY) scalability. Data and data warehouses will be a prioritized “commodity”, resulting in an immediate urgency for heightened digitization and automation for continual growth with a competitive business model. “As the healthcare industry continues to change, organizations are seeking new ways to remove waste, cut costs and improve patient care.” [Jasmine Pennic via HIT Consultant]

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