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Cliched phrases are a dime a dozen. Throw in “end-to-end supply chain” and the logistics industry joins the conversations attempting to validate buzz-worthy expressions dripping with over-promises and under-deliverable intentions.

Which emphasizes the issue once again. Is it the end? Or rather an updated approach to full service and comprehensive visibility? While some aspects of the supply chain are logistically separated, the general movement and problem solving initiatives set into motion by a supply chain management partnership is becoming increasingly more important by the day. The end? No. Quite the contrary. Enter, the evolution of end-to-end supply chain management.

Covering every stage within your supply chain is a bare minimum service offering if partnered with the right international transportation management team. But one thing is certain – both parties must agree on what end-to-end includes.

The Industry Weighs In

We contacted Supply Chain Brain requesting access to a recent podcast they released titled, “Have We Finally Achieved the End-to-End Supply Chain?”

The podcast comprehensively discusses the meaning of “end-to-end”, while extensively ushering an overall appraisal both speculative in nature and direct in validation, as the term pertains to the supply chain industry as a whole.

Click the link below to listen to the Supply Chain Brain podcast in its entirety:

LISTEN HERE: Have We Finally Achieved the End-to-End Supply Chain?

Once you have had a chance to listed to the podcast, we would love to know your thoughts. Agree? Disagree? Confused? Email us your opinion and/or concerns here:

Moving Forward

What does all this mean? Let us first clarify our definition of end-to-end (E2E) supply chain oversight. The solutions driven approach to sourcing suppliers, shipping product, mitigating risk, regulatory factors and compliant ordinations, clearing Customs, through to final delivery – plus all of the nuanced puzzle pieces that needs to be matched along the way.

Perhaps a better question in all of this would be – who will be overseeing your company’s supply chain – or rather…what?

The idea of automation integration has been flirting with the supply chain industry for years. The ongoing debate of when and at what capacity is beginning to feel a bit over-used. We understand humans will be required to maintain that desired “human touch” and that an entirely automated management system is simply a reach as far as the foreseeable future is concerned.

We briefly covered the automation / human approach to supply chain in a previous blog. We’ll link it HERE if you’re at all interested in reading it.

But as we mentioned before, “technological advancements are updating regularly bringing streamlined efficiency to international freight forwarders on a daily basis. Blending robotics and human intelligence in a strategic manner can heighten the collective output on a grand scale. Dismissing this collaboration could cost a distribution company in the long run.”

The way we see it, moving forward you can expect to see a happy and equal marriage between human oversight and innovative technologies that both yield a higher return on investments and increased visibility efforts.


At CLN Worldwide we know you are the kind of person who wants to scale your business with a simplified supply chain, end-to-end. In order to do this, and get time back in your day, you need a customized logistics strategy.

The problem is governing regulations, the economy, and environmental issues aren’t always clear, which makes you feel overwhelmed and unorganized.

We believe your business’s lack of supply chain optimization could lead to stagnant growth and a decline in potential profits. We understand that supply chains and logistics management can be a complex and daunting task to undertake. That’s why we developed fluid strategies and customized services that removes the nuanced guess work and solves your logistics clogs.

Here’s how it works. You schedule a call with us, we will analyze the current market you’re navigating, and then create an effective supply chain strategy that we will then integrate and execute together.

Call us today, so you can stop wasting your time with regulatory delays and start trusting the efficiency of your supply chain to scale your business.

Questions? Comments? Contact CLN Worldwide HERE.

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