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Not all shipments, commercial or otherwise, fit nicely in a container and/or on a pallet for transport. Heavy equipment movements are essential to structural development through global construction and therefore must be logistically managed in an efficient manner.

Partnering with a logistics provider or freight forwarder with the capabilities and industry knowledge to economically and successfully move your urgent machinery is essential to the vitality of your business. For every minute your shipment is held up due to unforeseen documentation irregularities, Customs issues, or tariff uncertainties is immeasurable time and money wasted and the completion of your impending project, prolonged indefinitely.

“Out of Gauge (OOG) loads are loads [with] dimensions exceeding those of the container.” [Logistics Glossary]

In order to fully encompass the procedural aspects of your OOG shipment, it is essential to be comprehensively versed in possible container options. Below are a few of the most common modes used for oversize transport.

  1. Flat Rack Containers (12.13m x 2.4m x 2.14m)

  2. Open Top Containers (12.03m x 2.35m x 2.29m)

  3. MAFI Trailers

  4. RORO or Roll-on-Roll-Off (6.10m x 2.5m x 0.62m)

  5. LOLO or Lift-on-Lift-Off

  6. Platform Containers (12.19m x 2.25m x 0.65m)

  7. Antonov Aircraft including AN-225, on a charter basis

Crucial to the effective shipment of your oversize / heavy equipment is the expertise and experience of the global logistics provider you choose to partner with. Ensure that your forwarder provides a range of logistical services and specializes in the movement of your particular pieces of equipment.

If you have any oversize, out-of-gauge, or heavy machinery equipment in need of transport, or would like to discuss potential solutions to your current shipment process, reach out to us HERE.

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