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Eliminate the Overhead. Gain the Expertise.

CLN Worldwide: International Transportation Management experts working with clients facing complex logistics issues. Eliminate the overhead, gain the expertise.

By utilizing a knowledgeable ITM (International Transportation Management) team, focusing on scalable growth and business development can become your top priority without being weighed down by the complexities of logistics and supply chain management. This is the epitome of the adage, work smarter, not harder.

Oftentimes, middle market and emerging growth companies are faced with difficult logistics planning and are unaware of their need for strategic solutions implemented in an efficient and consistent manner. This is not entirely their fault. You can’t be held responsible for things you didn’t know, but you can be penalized for an unwillingness to expand and invest in the future of your business moving forward.

The Primary Benefits of Outsourcing Your Logistics to ITM Experts

We comprehensively broke down the primary benefits that come as a direct result from outsourcing your logistics to a trusted International Transportation Management team. While there are no predetermined restrictions to the immediacies that outsourcing complexities can have on your business, the following were the ones we agreed were a priority:

· Time to focus on core business development

· Eliminate the overhead of an entire department (typically 10-15%, annual savings)

· Customizable logistics solutions from a solutions driven team of logistics experts

· Transparent tracking and delivery schedules

· Invoice consolidation and key performance updates

· Full-service audits

· Load planning

· Carrier facilitation

· End-to-end shipment planning and optimization

· Reduced technology and systems investment costs

· Guaranteed shipments / Guaranteed service

· Fully developed and transparent transportation strategy

· Operational efficiency

· Instant access to our tracking dashboard

· Single person of contact

How Do You Outsource an Entire Logistics Department?

Quick answer: By allowing our service offerings to simplify a complex process and then optimize a forecasted strategy.

We provide an industry specific and knowledgeable team to proficiently engineer customized plans to streamline your logistics and provide an efficient supply chain, end-to-end.

We negotiate contracts and freight rates on your behalf while simultaneously ensuring that our benchmarked measurements never surpass elemental sectors of your total costs. Imagine knowing the cost of all modes to and from all relevant ports, then having the opportunity to choose the most efficient plan. This access to our knowledgebase is a primary benefit to our outsourcing partnership.

No two businesses are alike nor will they ever fully have the same needs. That’s where detailed customization comes in to play based on sectored requirements of your business.

5 Reasons You Should Outsource an Entire Logistics Department

1. Lower Freight Rate: By negotiating GRI’s, accessorials, and other notable surcharges, a 3PL has the reach and ability to continuously attain lowered freight rates by utilizing their expansive global network.

2. Guaranteed Capacity: Allowing for ITM experts to facilitate bookings and plan your transportation logistics, you are granted unparalleled access to their direct relationships with carriers. This inevitably increases options and loading flexibility.

3. Technology: Outsourcing your complete logistics to a viable third party not only grants you access to their database of knowledge, but simultaneously to their technological advancements as soon as they are adopted. Gain instant access to tracking software and streamlined metrics.

4. Save money: Outsourcing allows for the experts to optimize your supply chain. A fully optimized supply chain increases efficiency and minimizes compliance hiccups, thus resulting in money saved.

5. Save time: Time is money after all. When you have the luxury of deferring every logistical issue to a trusted team of experts to take care of any problem that may arise, you suddenly have ample amounts of time to focus on other segments crucial for developing your business. A streamlined transportation is imperative to the efficiency of your company’s growth and future development.

What Other Service Offerings Are Included?

· Documentation Preparation: Documentation is an essential component of the logistics process and a key determinate in the overall success of a company’s supply chain.

· Compliance and Regulatory: Organizations that participate in international trade fall under the oversight of countless governmental entities including: US Customs, the Department of Commerce, and the US Treasury to name a few. Each of these have in-depth requirements for companies that are either importing or exporting products and material.

· Customs: The primary concern with matters pertaining to U.S. Customs is typically the one you were unaware existed. The fist challenge can often be knowing which questions to ask.

· Auditing

· Shipment Tracking

· Exports/Imports/Domestic (Air/Ocean/Truck/Rail)

· Warehousing: We fully recognize that the global economy continues to move toward asset sharing and the 3PL warehousing environment is no exception. This allows companies to leverage the resources of its strategic logistics providers and facilitate quicker and more cost-effective delivery of its products.

· Distribution

· Small Package Service: From document sized shipments to individual packages up to 150 pounds.

· Exhibition Logistics: This is specifically, for companies attending a trade show or exhibition anywhere in the world and you have equipment, material, and/or displays that need to be transported to the show grounds, including final delivery to your stand.

· International Control Center: The hub and spoke. The logistics process is often illustrated with this metaphor. CLN’s Central Control Center works from a client’s set of constraints and objectives, organizes the many different pieces of the supply chain. We answer all questions, consider all variables, and provide one point of contact, for all movements.

· Consulting Service: Every day, we help middle market companies solve difficult logistics issues. These solutions range from routing and transit options, to warehousing and storage solutions, Customs and regulatory compliance, tools for financing the transactions and the technology to support the entire operation.

But What Does This Really Boil Down To?

In Short?


The primary goal of any business is increasing the experience that their individual customers absorb in order to grow the number of repeatable leads. This, in turn, is what builds a business.

By outsourcing logistics to a team who understands the value of optimizing shipment time, reducing delays, opening channels of communications, allowing for valuable transparency, all the while promising delivery accuracy will set your company up to be rated as one of the most proficient companies in your correlated industry.

Customer service is imperative to business longevity. When customers get what they want before they even know it’s what they want, you win – every time.

We are beginning to see a trend amongst companies relying on third parties as a full service means to their logistics department. While the comprehensive progression and the time it takes to implement this outsourcing strategy throughout entire industries remains to be unseen, we have utmost confidence in the benefits that we have begun to see firsthand already. Increased customer satisfaction and increased profit margins are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.


CLN Worldwide is a solutions driven team comprised of logistics and transportation management experts all working to streamline the efficiency of your supply chain, while optimizing every subdivision of your logistical operation.

If you are in the process of outsourcing your current logistics needs and would like a bit more information regarding the nuances and intricacies of the business model, feel free to reach out to us here today.

We are a passionate group of professionals with expertise in areas ranging from transportation, customs and compliance, to distribution, legal and finance. Logistics can be a labyrinth. One question leads to three others. Our team will remove the confusion for you.


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