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Managing any project at an intricate level in any industry is not for the faint of heart. Freight management on a global scale involves specialized knowledge and an understanding of logistical complexities, with the ability to predict and adapt on a dimensional level. Partnering with a logistics provider who can confidently handle multifaceted project movements is essential to shipper peace of mind.

CLN Worldwide is an industry leader in terms of project freight management knowledge and experience. From the construction and crane trade, to aerospace shipments, we have developed and acquired the skills necessary to functionally service over-sized and meticulous projects, in a competent and efficient manner.

Project management services can include:

  • Warehousing and Consolidation

  • Complex Transports

  • Pick and Pack Fulfillment

  • Inventory Management

  • Multi-Continental Movements

  • Plant or Warehouse Moves

  • Bulky, Complex Product Movements

Examples of projects CLN is currently working on or has worked on:

  • Glacier ice shipped from Peru to USA.

  • Cranes shipped from USA to be used on a project in Dubai, back to USA.

  • 6-ton CT Scan engineered and built in Germany, shipped to USA.

  • Factory dismantling and relocation packing project.

  • Movement and warehousing of over-sized engineering equipment with high voltage electrical adapters.

Finding a freight forwarder who is well versed and has the ability to take your project from concept to completion with pinpoint execution is vital to the success of your business. Projects can be identified as cross-functional aspects of logistics transportation, requiring compound movements and properties from various supply chain managerial proficiencies. If you have a project your business needs managed, or have any questions involving project freight forwarding, reach out to us HERE.

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