CLN Worldwide (international shipping company) is opening a warehouse in Statesville, securing warehousing and distribution for clients at the CLN Charlotte and Charleston locations.

It’s the season for growth and CLN Worldwide is no exception. Recently, CLN secured a warehouse space of 20,000 square feet in Statesville, NC to offer more warehouse fulfillment and distribution to new and existing clients. This addition has also presented a more cost effective delivery of products for our clients.

CLN (Cargo Logistics Network) Worldwide is a competitively growing logistics company whose focus is on a comprehensive whole approach to managing the global supply chain. Owner, David Sitton, uses this comprehensive approach when meeting new clients to illustrate the most effective use of their time in the global supply chain. In the last couple of weeks, CLN has worked to open 20,000 square feet of warehouse space located at: 1211 Barkley Street – Statesville, NC for valued client’s storage and distribution needs. Hexpol- a world leading polymer manufacturer and Panasystem – supplier of Carbon Black (an existing client of CLN Solutions in Charleston, SC) are a few of the clients who will use this warehouse space. This new location will spur more road traffic for CLN. Trucks will run daily shuttles from CLN Solutions to CLN Statesville and three trucks per day from the Statesville warehouse to Hexpol.

CLN’s committed crew including CLN Sales, CLN Imports, and CLN’s warehouse specialists are great examples of how this team gets the job done right. When a client chooses CLN Worldwide it’s because of the supreme quality of customer service this cross-functional team of logistics experts offers. Whether it’s helping clients navigate areas of transportation (internationally or domestically), distribution, customs and regulatory compliance CLN has you covered.

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